Проволоки для сварки конструкционных нелегированных сталей

OK Tubrod 14.00S

OK Tubrod 14.00S is a tubular wire designed for the submerged arc welding of mild and medium tensile steels and is suitable for fillet and multi-pass butt joints. When used in conjunction with OK Flux 10.71, exceptional productivity can be obtained at deposition rates up to 20% higher than with the same size of solid wire at the same current.

OK Tubrod 14.12

Газозащитная всепозиционная (до диаметра 1,4 мм), включая сварку в положении вертикаль на спуск металопорошковая проволока

OK Tubrod 14.13

OK Tubrod 14.13 is a tubular wire particularly suited to the rapid welding of fillet and butt joints in the flat and horizontal positions. The arc action is stable at all current levels, which results in an excellent weld appearance with the absence of undercut and spatter.